Theft Protection

We aid you in your vehicles recovery

Theft Protection

Theft Protection from Apex Protection Plan not only provides a deterrent to vehicle theft, but also a way to identify a stolen vehicle and provide much needed aid in the process of recovery. In the case that your vehicle is still stolen, Apex Protection Plan Theft Protection can provide financial relief and peace of mind.

Apex Theft Protection provides:

  • $1,500 CASH if your vehicles is not recovered within 30 days
  • $1,000 credit on your replacement vehicle if purchased at any location within the dealer group where your vehicle was purchased
  • $2,750 in car rental, trip interruption, towing, storage, and/or insurance deductibles
  • $5,250 in Total Benefits

It is more than peace of mind, it is sound protection of your wallet and your vehicle. See your contract for exclusions.

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