Parts, Services, Conditions or Events


This Service Contract does not cover the following parts, services, conditions or events:

This Service Contract does not cover the following parts, services, conditions or events:


  1. Any item covered by Your Vehicle manufacturer’s original Factory Warranty, and any component or equipment not installed by the manufacturer.
  1. Any loss to Your Vehicle’s frame and chassis, exhaust system including the catalytic converter, transmission cooler lines and hoses, manual clutch release bearing, clutch pilot bushing or bearing, clutch disc and pressure plate, shock absorbers or MacPherson struts, wheels, wheel studs, convertible top and straps, window and door handles, cellular phones and video entertainment equipment (unless Factory installed). All fasteners, including, but not limited to: bolts, studs, nuts, pins, clips and retainers (except when required in conjunction with a covered repair).
  1. Normal maintenance items or parts normally designed to be serviced or replaced periodically during the life of Your Vehicle, such as, but not limited to: oil, coolant, fluids, lubricants, refrigerants, filters, (except when required in conjunction with a covered repair), spark plugs, spark plug wires, glow plugs, light bulbs, sealed beams, lenses, fuses, wiper blades and arms, battery and battery cable, drive belts, coolant and vacuum hoses, brake rotors, brake drums, brake pads and linings.
  1. Adjustments and cleaning, alignments (except when required in conjunction with a covered repair) and wheel balancing, freight charges, environment disposal fees, storage charges, and shop supplies.
  1. Any repair or replacement of a covered part that has not been authorized by the Claims Administrator prior to the repair being performed except as outlined under the “Emergency Repairs” section of “How to Make a Claim.”
  1. Any loss caused by the failure of any other part of Your Vehicle that is not included for coverage in this Contract, regardless if the resulting damage is to a covered part.
  1. Liability for damage to property or injury to or death of any person arising from the operation, maintenance or use of Your Vehicle, whether or not related to the parts covered by the Contract.
  1. Any loss caused by collision or near-collision, breakage of glass, missiles, falling objects, fire, theft or larceny, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, hail, water, flood, malicious mischief or vandalism, riot or civil commotion, lightning, contamination, rust, corrosion, freezing, smoke, acts of God or any cause whatsoever except as provided in the Contract.
  1. Any loss that should be covered by a manufacturer’s Warranty, repairer’s guarantee, or any recall issued by a manufacturer which addresses the Contract holder’s complaint. Components or parts covered by any other Warranty are not covered by this Contract until expiration of the manufacturer, supplier, or other Warranty. Any loss from an improper previous repair is not covered. The Service Contract does not guarantee the performance of any repair facility or technician.
  1. Any loss if the odometer has been broken, disconnected or altered, or in any way does not represent Your Vehicle’s true and correct mileage. Note: It is a federal offense to alter Your Vehicle’s odometer.
  1. Repair or replacement and/or any loss caused by, or related to, any mechanical or vehicle alteration and/or modification not recommended / installed by the manufacturer of Your Vehicle. This would include, but is not limited to, the installation of any high performance equipment, lift / lowering kits, incorrect tires / wheels or removal of any emission devices.
  1. Incidental or consequential damages such as loss of use of Your Vehicle, inconvenience or commercial loss.

Note: Some states do not allow exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this limitation/exclusion may not apply to You.

  1. Any loss resulting from the failure to have the recommended maintenance services performed for Your Vehicle. Any loss due to contaminated fuel, lubricants, coolant, or damage caused by a buildup of carbon or sludge, restricted oil passages or contamination. Any loss caused by the lack of necessary and proper amounts or types of filters, lubricants or coolant is not covered, including, but not limited to, damage resulting from loss of lubricants or coolant due to the failure of a covered part.
  1. Any loss to Your Vehicle if used for competitive driving, racing, off-road use, hire to the public, rental, pool cars, or if Your Vehicle is equipped for or used as a snow plow or emergency vehicle. Vehicles used commercially for any purpose other than those defined under Light Commercial Vehicle are not covered, e.g., wrecker services, cable installation, hauling, mining or forestry.
  1. Any loss to Your Vehicle if used for towing a trailer or another vehicle or object unless properly equipped beforehand for this purpose as recommended by the manufacturer.
  1. Any loss due to neglect, abuse or misuse of Your Vehicle, or failure to protect Your Vehicle from further damage.
  1. Any loss to a Gray Market vehicle, or to any vehicle that has ever been declared a salvaged, reconstructed or similar type title vehicle.
  1. All electric powered, or hybrid fuel parts including, but not limited to: electric fuel cells, regenerative braking systems, or electronic memory systems. Any parts or components of a natural gas/propane fuel system.

Note: A Hybrid vehicle is any vehicle that uses alternative or electric fuel sources.


  1. Repair or replacement of any part will not be covered unless an actual Mechanical Breakdown has occurred. A reduction in performance of any part, including engine valves and rings, is not covered if the part is operating within the original manufacturer’s specifications for Your Vehicle.
  1. No benefit is provided for a condition which existed prior to the Service Contract effective date or which existed prior to the expiration of the manufacturer’s Warranty or is reported after the expiration of this Contract.
  1. Any repair or replacement of a covered part which has not failed but which a repair facility recommends or requires be repaired or replaced. Any cost to modify, convert or retrofit original equipment, or any parts that have been updated by the manufacturer for the sole purpose of betterment is not covered.

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