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Why should I purchase an APEX Protection Plan vehicle service contract?
Apex Protection Plan is there for you when you need repairs, with everything you need to get back on the road: roadside assistance, towing, a rental car, direct payment to the repair facility of your choice, and more! Coverage includes everything from transmissions, to engines, to wheel bearings, and just about everything in between. What’s more, Apex Protection Plan coverage makes your vehicle worth more when it is time to trade it in. Additionally, if you plan to sell your vehicle yourself, you can transfer the Apex Protection Plan into the new owner’s name, assuring you the highest possible resale value. To see the surprisingly high costs of typical repairs, see our Auto Repair Costs Chart. Apex Protection Plan customers are glad to have protection from rising repair costs and the inconveniences of factory warranty repairs.*
How do APEX Protection Plan service contracts work?
Apex Protection Plan vehicle service contracts are agreements between you and Apex that give you peace of mind protection against mechanical breakdowns and the inconveniences associated with them, such as Substitute Transportation, 24 Hour Roadside Assistance, Trip Interruption and $500 Emergency Repair coverage. Apex Protection Plans pay for covered repairs directly to the repair facility requiring nothing out of pocket from you.*
When should I purchase APEX Protection Plan coverage?
Apex Protection Plan coverage is the most affordable when the vehicle is new. As you add time and miles to the vehicle it becomes more expensive to protect against repairs, similar to purchasing life insurance; the older you get, the more expensive premiums become. Plus, by purchasing Apex Protection Plan coverage while your vehicle is still covered under factory warranty, you are able to take advantage of several of the benefits that Apex Protection Plans provide that your factory warranty does not necessarily cover: most importantly, Substitute Transportation.*
How much do APEX Protection Plan contracts cost?
Similar to car insurance, the cost of an Apex Protection Plan contract is directly related to the type of car you own, how long it has been in service and what deductible and plan you select. Apex Protection Plan contracts may be included in your vehicle purchase financing (ask your dealer for details), paid by cash or credit card or financed separately (no credit check is required) with a minimum of 10% down and the balance in 6 to 24 monthly installments with 0% interest.*
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes! Each Apex Protection Plan Mechanical Breakdown Service Contract has a 30-day money-back guarantee (providing there are no claims). After 30 days, upon your written request, Apex Protection Plan will refund the pro-rata, unused portion of your warranty minus any claims that have been paid. There is a $50 cancellation fee that applies if the Apex Protection Plan is cancelled after 30 days.*
What parts and service does an APEX Protection Plan contract cover?
It depends on what level of Apex Protection Plan coverage that you choose. Apex Protection Plans offer a wide range of protection from Platinum Coverage, comprehensive coverage similar to a new car warranty, to Bronze Coverage, covering the major engine and drive line components. For most drivers, Apex Protection Plan’s Platinum Coverage represents the best value and offers the most peace of mind. Compare coverage plans here.*
Is my car, truck, or SUV eligible for coverage?
Some level of coverage is available on most vehicles WITH under 150,000 miles on the odometer. Coverage added after the purchase of your vehicle may require an inspection and lube, oil and filter change. Any components that are covered by the Apex Protection Plan must be in good working order prior to starting coverage. Apex Protection Plans also provide commercial coverage for many types of vehicles.*
Do I have to wait for reimbursement on my repair claim?
No. Apex Protection Plans pay the repair facility directly. Your only out-of-pocket expense is the deductible, if applicable, and any charges not covered under your contract, such as maintenance items or non-covered repairs.*
How are repair claims processed?
If you are within 40 miles of your issuing dealer, simply return your vehicle to that dealership and they will handle processing your claim. If you are more than 40 miles from your issuing dealer, take your vehicle and your Apex Protection Plan contract to any licensed repair facility. The repair facility will call Apex Protection for pre-authorization before work is performed, and Apex Protection will pay the repair facility directly on your behalf by credit card. It’s that simple!*
What if I have a failure after business hours?
Apex Protection Plans provide Emergency Repair coverage. If you have a covered failure that renders your vehicle inoperable or unsafe to operate outside of our business hours (8 am to 5:30 pm, Central Time, Monday – Friday) and the cost of the repair is under $500, you may authorize the necessary emergency repairs to get your vehicle operating properly.*
I have coverage from APEX Protection but have lost my paperwork. Am I still covered?
Yes, you do not have to have a copy of your paperwork to get coverage. Simply visit any licensed repair facility (see below) and ask them to call the Apex Protection Plan claims line, (888) 941-1763, and reference your VIN number (this is a permanent number located in your vehicle) to obtain authorization for any covered repair.*
Where can I get my car repaired?
Apex Protection Plan contracts are welcomed at virtually every licensed repair facility in the U.S. and Canada, as well as at all Apex Protection Plan dealerships. The dealership that sold the vehicle is often the best choice because it will have the expertise to do the repairs correctly and will maintain your repair and maintenance records for you.*
*Some exclusions may apply. See your contract for details.

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